Our Employees

Tufts Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in Boston to work at – but don’t take our word for it. Below are some testimonials from, and about, some of our amazing employees.

Our camaraderie benefits our patients

The people who work with us at Tufts Medical Center aren’t just some of the most educated and skilled in the nation. They’re also simply wonderful to work with. We couldn’t be happier to see each other every day, and we think that this sense of companionship lends our hospital a positive and collaborative atmosphere that truly benefits our patients.

Idy Tam

“I am proud to be an employee at Tufts Medical Center and be a part of an institution that has such a distinguished reputation and inclusive work environment. I enjoy the people I work with and they have become like my second family. I cannot imagine wanting to work anywhere else!"

Melissa Dubreuil

“On January 3, 2014, just before dawn, firefighters battled tirelessly in frigid, stormy weather outside my home. In spite of their best efforts, within just a few hours, my husband, my daughter and I had lost our home. My coworkers were moved with great generosity, acts of kindness and words of support. I was speechless by it all. I will forever remember this chaotic time in my family’s life when my coworkers provided much healing and comfort.”

Salone Callender

Salone has been a wonderful addition to the SICU staff. She is always professional, efficient, pleasant, and goes above and beyond to ensure all staff have every available tool to make the shift progress smoothly. 

Beth Wolfe

Beth is a true ambassador of Tufts Medical Center in the community. She really loves this place and shows her appreciation to so many of us."

Joli O’Mara

“In the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we are like family. I have been a nurse here for more than 30 years and I believe we have an environment of respect and collegiality among our entire interdisciplinary team that is unlike any other.”