Valuing Diversity

One of the best things about Tufts Medical Center is our diverse workforce. Many valued and accomplished colleagues of diverse origins, faiths, genders and orientations contribute to the nationally recognized care we provide to our patients. Each of these individuals brings their unique experiences, perspectives and talents to our organization.

A multicultural workforce is extremely beneficial to the healing of our patients and their families, to the development of new therapies, technologies and medical practices, to the enrichment of our professional and personal lives, and to our nation’s success.

Our Commitment 

The order signed by President Donald Trump temporarily closing the boarders of the United States to individuals from seven countries has caused confusion, concern, and in some cases, hardship. Amidst this confusion, let it be known that Tufts Medical Center will continue to welcome and embrace diversity, and to advocate for this fundamental American value. We stand ready to assist any members of the Tufts Medical Center family who have been adversely affected by the travel ban. Read a letter about this topic that was written out of sensitivity for everyone involved here.