Pharmacy Technician III

Job ID: 10316

Date posted: 3/2/2020

  • Department: Pharmacy
  • Schedule: Full Time
  • Shift: Days
  • Hours: Mon - Fri 9-5:30
  • Location: Tufts Medical Center

Job Details:

Under the general supervision of a pharmacist, the Pharmacy Technician III performs pharmacy-related functions in compliance with department policies and procedures that provide optimal pharmaceutical care.  The Pharmacy Technician III is responsible for providing pharmacy services, including, but not limited, to preparing and distributing pharmaceuticals, performing inventory control, compliance audits, and financial transactions, providing customer service, and maintaining pharmacy records.  The advanced Pharmacy Technician III has received specialized training, and successfully maintained certification.  A Pharmacy Technician III must be registered through the Board of Pharmacy and certified by a Board-approved certifying body. A Pharmacy Technician III may not administer medications or vaccines, perform drug utilization review; conduct clinical conflict resolution; contact prescribers concerning prescription drug order clarification or therapy modification; provide patient counseling; or perform dispensing process validation, unless a waiver is approved by the Board of Pharmacy.  In order to be eligible for promotion into the Pharmacy Technician III position, one must demonstrate an acceptable level of performance, satisfactory completion of standard competency assessments, and maintains proficiency in advanced functions.  Achieving or exceeding the expectations of the current level does not automatically qualify individuals for advancement to the next level. Major responsibilities of the Pharmacy Technician III will vary depending on which pharmacy area he/she is employed. Performs complex non-sterile and hazardous sterile medication preparation activities: Operates advanced, innovative technology to assist in preparation of sterile products. Understand how to make complex allergy testing kits that require serial dilutions (complex math calculations). Requires specific hazardous substance handling training and complex sterile compounding techniques and mathematical calculations. Prepares a variety of products including specialized dilutions and specialty infusions. Partakes in advanced medication dispensing activities: Performs process validation utilizing bar code scanning technology i.e., technology checks technician. Removes scheduled II-IV medications from the narcotic vault for the replenishment of automated dispensing cabinets. Navigates workflows for high priority orders and prescriptions. Displays versatility within the operations to support timely medication dispensing. Participates in advanced financial transaction and audit activities: Completes routine benefit investigation for high cost and complex medications. Performs audits of narcotic utilization, inventory control, and cost accounting or billing for specialized areas. Engages in advanced customer service activities: Investigates and resolves medication issues or request, and communicates directly with patients or health care providers. Communicates medication-related issues to all appropriate heath care professionals. Completes advanced data collection activities: Completes medication profile data collection and medication history collection. Requires significant working knowledge of medications including:  brand and generic names, dosing forms, indications, formulary status and strengths. A pharmacy technician shall wear a name tag with the individual's name and the title "Certified Pharmacy Technician". Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed.

The demonstrated ability to perform all Pharmacy Technician III job duties at a high level of proficiency on a sustained basis, and with dedication to a high level of quality, teamwork, and customer service. Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be of good moral character. Must not have been convicted of a drug related felony or admitted to sufficient facts to warrant such finding. Participates in at least one pharmacy quality improvement effort. Acts as a preceptor for training new hires, interns, and externs. Participates in peer education. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent, or currently enrolled in a program that awards such degree or certificate.  Continuing education credits to maintain pharmacy technician certification must be current for the past 2 years.  A minimum of 1-2 years of experience in a practice setting relevant to their role. Must be nationally certified with PTCB or a Board-approved certifying body. Must be registered as a Pharmacy Technician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the event that a certified pharmacy technician's certification lapses, that technician shall be limited to performing the duties and responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician I. Full-time employment is 40 hours per week.  Includes evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary. Ability to walk and stand 90% of the day and to occasionally lift up to 30 pounds. Work requires regularly reaching and grasping below, at, and above shoulder level. Work requires regularly pushing and/or pulling non-motorized equipment (e.g., carts, IV rolling rack, and medication rolling racks, etc.) weighing 40 to 60 pounds. Work requires regularly grasping and fine manipulation with hands. Work requires reading automated dispensing reports regularly. Works in an area with some discomfort due to dust, dirt, and temperature changes. Possibility of cuts from broken glass and some exposure to hazardous chemicals. No potential exposure to blood borne pathogens. Job requires performance of duties that involve no potential for exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues. Tasks that do involve exposure are not an expectation of employment. 
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